Hershey Convention Hall

Destination Hershey: 1915

 Throughout its history, Hershey has been a well-known destination for entertainment. 
After the Hershey Chocolate Factory opened in 1905, the town soon emerged as a popular regional destination. Visitors came to explore the model town and enjoy Hershey Park and its growing number of amenities. 

In 1914, Hershey’s weekly newspaper, The Hershey Press, announced that a convention hall was going to be erected in Hershey Park. In developing plans for the hall, Milton Hershey was inspired by a well-known assembly hall in Ocean Grove, NJ and sent his builder, James K. Putt, to visit the structure to learn more about it and what might be incorporated in the Hershey building.

The Convention Hall was built specifically to attract large events and big crowds to Hershey.  Milton Hershey was very interested in hosting the Church of the Brethren’s Triennial Conference and promised that the Convention Hall would be completed in time for their June 1915 conference. This event brought more than 50,000 people to Hershey.


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