A Sweet to Eat - Hershey's Chocolate, 1894-1900


 Inspired by chocolate-making machinery he saw at the 1893 World’s Exposition in Chicago, Milton Hershey returned to Lancaster and began experimenting with making chocolate.  In 1894, he established the Hershey Chocolate Company and was soon producing over 100 varieties of “sweet chocolate” novelties, bite-size chocolates produced in a variety of shapes and sizes.  The term “sweet chocolate” meant that the chocolate was an eating chocolate rather than an unsweetened chocolate meant for baking.
Hershey Chocolate Company’s first products were only in production a few years.  Milton Hershey introduced Hershey’s Milk Chocolate in 1900.  Its immediate success led Mr. Hershey to focus his energies on making milk chocolate.  By 1909, the sweet chocolate novelties were discontinued.

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