About Online Resources

Search Online Resources to locate information on significant events, individuals, businesses, and organizations in Hershey’s history. Researchers can use the database to find quick answers regarding Milton Hershey, Hershey Chocolate product launches, building construction, and Hersheypark rides and attractions. Online Resources are compiled and written by the Archives’ staff and based on resources in the archival collection.

Search Hints

The database may be searched by keyword, date, or both. To locate entries for Milton S. Hershey suggested keywords are: milton; m.s. hershey (use punctuation).

Keyword Search

Searching multiple keywords retrieves all records with those words in the order they were typed. Use of quotation marks will return no results.
Example: Derry Church

Search results will include all instances where the keyword appears at the beginning of a word.
Example: confection (results include: confectioner; confectionery)

Date Search

When searching with a date, always include a start and end date. Search for events by month only, day only, year only, or any combination of the three.
Examples: To search for events in May of 1937, select May as the month and enter 1937 in each line of the date fields. To search for events that occurred on the 25th of the month, select 25 as the day in each line of the date fields.