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  1. Hershey's Mr. Goodbar


January 01, 1925William "Billy" Brandt serves as motorman for the miniature railroad. He serves between 1925 and 1953. [Specific date is unknown. Event occurred in 1925.]
February 26, 1925Milton Hershey opens an Orphans School near Central Rosario (Aquacate) in Cuba with a similar mission to the Hershey Industrial School. Sold on April 12, 1935.
April 01, 1925East End Apartments is constructed by remodelling the second Hershey Transit Company car barn on E. Chocolate Avenue. [Specific date is unknown. Event occurred in April 1925.]
April 20, 1925Charter issued to the Hershey National Bank. It opens for business on May 1 in the Hershey Trust Company Building.
June 04, 1925

Hershey Senior High School holds its commencement ceremony at the Convention Hall. The venue is chosen because the new Junior-Senior High School is not yet completed and the Park Theatre was already booked. [Hershey Press, 5/425/1925]

July 04, 1925John Philip Sousa performs in the Convention Hall.
October 23, 1925The M.S. Hershey Junior-Senior High School is dedicated. It was built and donated by Milton S. Hershey.
November 20, 1925Mr. Goodbar introduced.