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  1. Hershey Arena


January 01, 1936Hershey Inn remodeled, and two stories added. It is renamed Community Inn. [Specific date is unknown. Event occurred in 1936.]
January 01, 1936The Custer Car Ride with battery powered autos is installed. [Specific date is unknown. Event occurred in 1936.]
January 01, 1936

Oyster Bar opens in the Hershey Inn. [Specific date is unknown. Event occurred in January 1936]

February 17, 1936Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce holds testimonial dinner in honor of Milton Hershey. Function is held at the Penn-Harris Hotel. 400 men attend.
April 01, 1936Spring Creek Church of the Brethren is remodelled. The exterior is encased with painted white brick and given an early colonial design. Construction began September 1935. [Specific date is unknown. Event occurred in April 1936.]
May 01, 1936Hotel Hershey completes construction of a reinforced concrete underground wine cellar. It measures 32x40 feet and is entered from the hotel kitchen. [Specific date is unknown. Event occurred in May 1936.]
June 01, 1936Plans are drawn up and construction for the Hershey Rose Garden begins.The first plants are put in November. It is directed by Harry Erdman, the horticulturist for M.S. Hershey. [Specific date is unknown. Event occurred during June-November 1936.]
July 01, 1936 Milton Hershey completes acquisition of  the Danner Collection, a large collection of Pennsylvania German artifacts, from the trustees of the Danner Estate, with a final payment
August 28, 1936The first Baby Parade is held in the Hershey Park.
September 03, 1936Fourth invitational Golf Tournament in Hershey (Hershey Open), with a $5000 purse. (Held September 3rd - 6th).
October 01, 1936A new building for the Hershey Abattoir is completed. The facility contains machinery necessary for meat curing, seven large refrigerators (0-40 degrees). Construction began January 1936. [Specific date is unknown. Event occurred in October 1936.]
December 19, 1936The Hershey Sports Arena opens. Designed by Engineer Anton Tedesko, who also served as chief construction manager. It is connected to the western end of the old Convention Hall.